Shaun Wright Photography

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Shaun Wright was born and raised in Marlboro, Vermont. The son of a potter, he was familiar with the life of an artist and truly appreciated the beauty of his surroundings in the Green Mountains. He attended the Williston Northampton School in Massachusetts, and while most of his high school classmates were participating in after-school sports, Shaun could be found in the darkroom. He was highly influenced by the strict tutelage in zone-system black-and-white photography provided by his high school professor.

Looking for a change of scene, Wright decided to attend college in the Northwest. He attained a Bachelor of Arts degree at the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, Washington with a specialty in Studio Fine Arts. Soon after receiving his degree, he moved to Seattle where he accepted a position as an assistant to a Commercial Photographer.

Needing to pursue his passion for photography on his own terms, Shaun quit his job and transformed his dusty basement into his first darkroom. "I needed to separate myself from the commercial world of photography in order to explore my personal vision and own expression." Working as a chef while spending three days a week in the dark helped put his style in place.

This personal journey was temporarily postponed by a two-year escape to New York. This escape turned out to be an integral piece of Wright's journey. In New York City he learned the art of furniture building, a skill reflected in the fine craftsmanship of the frames that showcase his photos today. Although he found much satisfaction in his newly discovered skill, he realized, more vehemently than ever before, that he would not be fulfilled unless his camera was in his hands full-time.

Shaun, now determined to become a full-time photographer, returned to Seattle. He felt the Northwest provided the landscape that most suited his work. So it was here that he built another darkroom and studio. "Reemerging as a photographer removed a huge void in my life; photography is such a pleasing way of expressing yourself and provides me with a great deal of comfort."

Shaun found himself in Saint Louis, Missouri building yet another darkroom and a gallery. This lasted only two years, but working with the advice of David Sullivan, Shaun created a powerful, large print that has received much interest. It, and several other pieces, were added to the collection of The Washington DC Commission of Arts and Humanities and are displayed in the city offices.

Today, Shaun lives on the coast of Southeast Brazil with his wife, Marina, and their son, Caetano. His new darkroom is custom equipped for making these large prints, featuring a completely rebuilt enlarger of his own design. This could quite possibly prove to be the last liquid darkroom built in the country of Brazil.